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Strategy Tbe move 10 a common nuricct and the advent of Pan -European organisations present major challenges in distribution and logistics. This seminar provides senior management with 1 review of TT strategics via discDMioa and case studies. Tactics or privatisation and Government fiscal problems.

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For an application form contact: Market applications, Hedging appficatkjns, Vafoation Method. Cunbridgc Science Park, Cambridge. Forward to Pros p erity. Lord Young of Graffham. U7I a Fsx: Tefc 39 7 Tet L Fkt Top European and US speakers from indnsny and academia discuss: New technological developments will be discussed, with the accent on retail usage of the systems, and profits resulting from the use of better m anag e ment procedures und systems.

Contact Mrs Marline Suain. Exhibition of catalogues and videos at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. Present business card for free entry and enquiry processing. Delegate ifccwtaon tunc included. Key issues to be addressed: For further details contact: At the Institute of Directora. Chris Kohut, Canary Commuakatioos. Quality - who pays? TeL , Fax: This technology transfer ciub will demonstrate tbe practical benefits of applying nennl computing lo identify hidden trends and patterns in an organisation's data. Boflding on the experience of these organisations, this seminar offers a practical guide to EDI exp criterion.

Tet 02 Fas OZI 4 4 TeL The Management issues This one day conference looks beyond the technical aspens of moving from mainframe lo micros, ro the org anis ational, managerial and effectiveness dimensions of Successful downsizing. Modefo, UB Group Bangalore.

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IGBE Earopa showcases alt major products and services of importance to tbe casino. Special events will be held. TeL- 1 Paaz 1 Whit issues are feeing lire securities services industry? How could your business respond to tbese changes? Fur further details contact Paula Blay. Teh Cbnticc Interior itf Services. Contact Done Little for details aod carly-irird registration derails.

Sir Alistair, who is chairmen of the CBFs month-old National Manufacturing Council, is not sug- gesting they should quit their posts en mass c. Rather, he says, they need to find spacer for think- ing about new ideas. Whatever the distractions of running their com panies in tough conditions, there should always be Sir Attstafc umn time far thinking time, he says, to team from the experiences of other UK compa- UK, they are not applied nearly toes, and from successful mann- frequently enough, factoring companies overseas.

That was borne out by a survey As the first signs of light emerge last month co-sponsored by the for recession-bound UK manufac- Design Council and EDS-Scicon, turns, and the government talks the biggest UK information tech- of industry taking advantage of nology services company. This sterling's devaluation to boost found that less than half of UK exports, the issue of the UK's manufac turin g rampants Haim m manufacturing effectiveness practise concurrent en gineering , a becomes increasingly important process which cuts product devel- The point is not lost on the opment times by ena bling design council, which is perhaps best and manufacturing to take place known for its rote as one of the simultaneously, many organisations lobbying the Clearly, an important way to government on the Importance of spread the word about new metb- providing the right environment ods In manufa cturin g is for com- for manufacturing industry to panies to share their experiences, flourish.

The evidence suggests larger That, says Sir Alistair, is going companies are more confident reasonably well, but is one of only about doing that without always four key tasks that the council has worrying that they are giving set Itself. The others are to away commercially sensitive Improve the relationship between information.

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But the council is industry aid the financial world, hoping to attract companies of all in particular the City, to improve sizes to a series of seminars begin- the image and status of manufac- ning next month, at which execu- hiring industry across society; and fives from different companies can to lobby businesses to improve team from each other, their competitiveness. Sir Alistair will also be address- Surprisingly, perhaps, Sir Alis- ing a conference called Winning tair believes this internal lobbying the Market - Industry on the process is the most important. Move, on April 28 and 29, organ- focusing as it does on issues such ised by the Institution of Mechani- as how industries can improve cal Engineers, their service to customers, mar- The conference, to be held at a keting, innovation, product qual- hotel in Hertfordshire, will be sim- Jty and other ingredients of com- ilar to the well-attended Cam- petitiveness.

But the consensus among ing and developing markets, the observers of the UK manufactur- coherent integration of marketing, ing scene seems to be that, white design and manufacturing, and all the brightest Ideas in manufac - the management of technological taring can be found in use in the advantage and innovation. Two conferences staged by the Cabinet Office Efficiency Unit to sell the programme to business the most recent on Friday have each attracted executives to learn more about the work being market- tested and how to bid for it Bidding for government contracts is a well-established part of busi- ness for companies in the defence industry.

And service companies in fields such as office cleaning, cater- ing, security guarding and printing have been winning contracts from government departments, local authorities and the health service since the start of the s. But the government's latest pro- gramme of market-testing repre- sents a fold increase in its con- tracting-out programme. For the first time, core civil ser- vice activities such as collection of statistics, management of govern- ment computer facilities and fishery protection surveillance operations are to be put out to tender.

And many mare support services are on offer, including payroll, audit, accountancy, office services and legal advice. That British legislation to promote toe free market in the UK, namely Compulsory Competitive Tendering in local and central government, is bring thwarted by European legislation to protect the rights of workers, namely the transfer of undertakings regulations? Executives attending the Effi- ciency Unit conferences have been keen to know more about what would be expected of them and if previous experience in contracting for government will be necessary.

According to ten Williams of the Efficiency Unit, those in charge of awarding contracts will be looking for reliability, quality of staff and a track record in providing the sort of services out to tender. Competing bids will be judged on three sets of criteria: Par- ticular attention will be paid to the management and supervisory back-up to be provided.

BS - a quality management standard - will not generally be a requirement. A common concern am mg poten- tial bidders is that there will be an element of bias towards the in-house team, which will normally be competing to retain toe work. New costing guid- ance has been drawn up to ensure that in-house bids frilly reflect over- heads and start-up costs. The responsibility for ensuring fair pfay will ultimately lie with the National Audit Office, toe govern- ment expenditure watchdog.

Another concern is whether con- tract specifications will be too rigid to permit contractors to develop new and more flexible approaches to doing the work. Both questions are difficult to answer definitively. The regulations insist staff cannot be dismissed as the result of a transfer, although it may be possible to dismiss people soon after for other reasons.

The regulations also insist terma and conditions of employment cannot be changed without consent and collective deals and union recognition must be carried over. There is less clarity about two farther things - whether pension terms can be altered and how long toe previous employment co nditions must be maintained. The regulations would not normally apply if the contractor employs none of the existing staff and conducts his operation at different premises with his own equipment. Recent judgments at the European Court of Justice suggest EC judges favour a brood definition of both a transfer and an undertaking which would capture a broad range of the services currently bring prepared lor contracting-out.

It Is even possible to be caught when a council or government department terminates its existing service and buys in a new service. In general terms manual worker operations are more likely to be caught by Tupe than white eoliar administrative functions. That is unfortunate for contractors as mannai operations are usually easier to save money on through job cats and wages are usually more generous than the private sector.


What are toe solutions? Contra c tor lobby groups believe Tupe will have a greater effect than the government has admi tted But the lobbyists believe that even without legal clarity tome are things that could be done. Extensive arrangements will be put in place to check quality standards and monitor services - including random checks, regular inspections and audit of complaints.

Departments could slim down and reorganise prior to contracting out, although that might still transgress the regulations and seems unpopular with the government.

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The government could indemnify companies against Tnpe-imposed costs or extend contract periods to make It easier for companies to recoup the extra costs. Alternatively public authorities should be required to make a "realistic" return on capital on services such as cleaning. The current requirement for cleaning is 5 per cent which allows them to pay wages on average 10 per cent above the private sector.

But according to John Hall of the Cleaning and Support Services Association toe preferred, but not foolproof, method of Tape avoidance for companies will be the refusal to take on existing staff unless they agree to changes In their terms and conditions. It is designed to give a broader understanding of how the major financial institutions of the City of London operate and the factors that make it a pre-eminent financial and trading centre. The following organisations are amongst those giving presentations: United Kingdom Banks and Members of the Stock Exchange should marie payment of foe dividend in foe appropriate square on foe reverse of the certificate.

All other claimants must complete the special form and present this a! Postal applications cannot be accepted. Working on the site of a former deep mine at Rye Hill, Wimpey will be recov- ering 1. The coal will be delivered to British Coal's Wardiey disposal point. I David Bruce, who quit as head!

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His appointment represents the final step in a process of streamlining of senior manage- ment initiated by new Lloyd's boss Peter Middleton. The head of finance, John Gaynor, took early retirement at the age of 57 at the end of last year, and the head of administration. Bob Woodford, retires at the beginning of April at the age of 62 after five and a half years in the job. The two jots have now been com- bined. Bruce, 46, moves from Guin- ness Mahon, where he had been finance director since In he moved to Royal Dutch Shell, ending up as trea- surer and controller of Shell UK, before moving to the stock exchang e in Passed over as chief executive, he left shortly afterwards; the finance department was subsequently thoroughly overhauled.

The redevelopment calls for replacement of the 4, stand- ing capacity with a new stand and two wrap-around stands to the east and west of the new stand which will provide seat- ing for approximately 11, people. The main structure will be built in steel which will sup- port the pre-cast concrete ter- race deck, stair and wall com- ponents. Isle of Man, by the Manx Electricity Authority. Works will include refurbish- ment and a 36, sq ft exten- sion providing seven new shops together with an 8, sq it anchor store.

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Work has recently com- menced on the building which will be 16 storeys at its highest point and will contain 1. The company must com- plete the main structure and cast the cells by the end of this year so that other subcontrac- tors can begin installing deten- tion systems and mechanical and electrical works. Four tower cranes will be used to ensure that this demanding construction programme is met. Once the main structure has been erected, work will begin on the jail's brick and curtain wall exterior and finishes to the , sq ft interior, including the installation of security ceilings, painted block walls and epoxy coated floors.

Completion is scheduled for Trafalgar House Construction Inc is demolish- ing a building and clearing 17 acres of woodland before carry-, ing out a cut and fill operation. The , sq ft building will contain cells when it is completed at the end of this year. Services include quantity sur- veying and fabrication mea- surement. The project, which is believed to be the largest of its kind in Zimbabwe, includes 26, sq metres of office space in two identical blocks, sepa- rated by an eight-storey atrium, which will provide an American-style indoor shop- ping mall with more than 50 shops.

The development includes an unusual passive ventilation system, which will provide comfortable conditions within the building, without resorting to air' conditioning. The Costain-Sisk joint ven- ture has reduced the antici- pated construction programme by offering an alternative design for the substructure works.