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About the show. But what happens next turns everything upside down, and its repercussions will last for decades to come, Step into the wordless world of Vamos Theatre for this bitter-sweet story of mistaken morals and broken hearts, 45s and beehives, where sexual revolution proves a hard and rocky path to tread. This production is accessible to hearing and deaf audiences alike.

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Production details. Read the Guardian article that inspired the making of The Best Thing Chilled Performances.

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    What Is The Best Thing That Can Happen? - Bronnie Ware

    Image gallery. Susan and her record player. The best thing perhaps, at this point, the only thing President Trump has in his favor heading into is that there will probably not be a recession. However, on a state-by-state basis — which is how elections are won, and lost — the picture is gloomier. The regional Federal Reserve Bank in Philadelphia now projects that the economies of seven states — including the battlegrounds of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, together home to 64 electoral votes — are projected to shrink over the next six months.

    Hardly good news for the president. Q1 GDP has just been revised down to 1.

    The Best Thing

    When a data point is bad for the other guy, the world is going to hell. But when the very same data point appears on your watch, put lipstick on that pig and sing its praises.

    The 1. The media narrative certainly makes it seem that way. Here I need to make a critical point: Despite what you hear and perhaps are eager to believe about how this may play out, set your assumptions aside.

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    We are in uncharted waters here. We have never had a freely elected president seeking re-election while facing impeachment. Both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton easily won second terms before impeachment proceedings against them had began; Nixon resigned ahead of all but certain impeachment and perhaps even Senate conviction.

    They will thank God for you every day.

    They will value your presence in their life because it makes them feel alive. They will wonder what they did to deserve someone like you. They will walk around with the biggest smile on their face because of you. One day you will be the one who makes it to the end.

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