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The continent itself is divided into 5 biomes: to the North is tundra and large ice shelves, to the East is a large forest and swamp region, to the South is the sea, and to the West is a mountainous region with a large desert in the center of it, and finally the bustling cityscape of Alteria in the center of Althasia.

The skies above Althasia are home to three floating islands. The first is Machina City, for many dimension hoppers unaccustomed to the humble accommodations in the lower continent this city is a breath of smoggy air. This artificial island was created to protect the skies from any threat that might arise.

The second is the mysterious ruins of Lapia. Believed to be ruins from an ancient civilization from another plane, Lapia is held aloft by t he curious blue crystal at its core. The Everspring Crystal, as it has been come to be called, seemingly provides the life of all the foliage and animals that live there. Even the archaeological team residing there have reported that the waters flowing through Lapia have healing properties. Which begs the question, what happened to the people that lived there? The final island is the warring twin cities of Aroekai and Drecolith.

Both mountainous cities are home to specific breeds of shapeshifters. Aroekai is home to the Aero-Laguze, a race of bird shapeshifters. Whereas, Drecolith is home to the Dra-Laguze, a race of draconian shapeshifters.

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These races have in the past battled for domain over the island; however, in recent years these cities have formed a shaky peace, and even formed a council to manage disputes together. Biome Breakdown, Alteria:. Alteria is a bustling cityscape that can be compared to no other. It is the hub of trade for all of Althasia, and attracts all sorts of people to its shops. The town is bisected into four quadrants by the two main roads of the town. From North to South, Smith St. From East to West, Plain Rd. If he had one, of course.

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But this fact didn't stop him from licking Bakura's face like a dog. Yami turned, seeing the site, and then stopped fussing over his hair, now almost pitying the pale Althasian. Picking up his things, he continued walking toward the large building they were to assemble at. Yami's hair was frizzing out in every imaginable angle, looking irritated at the fact that things never seemed to be his fault, but he got blamed for them anyway.

Next to him was a very harassed looking Bakura, his hair sticking up on one side, where it was spiked up with dried spittle. Even further, standing next to the pale boy, was Mariku, who was sucking on his busted lip which Bakura was nursing his fist from , was standing as if he'd done nothing wrong. He had an expression of a puppy that had been kicked, looking quite pathetic. One would almost think HE had been the one who was on the receiving end of everything.

And if that wasn't enough Sighing, the old man rubbed his temples.

He suddenly glanced at them over his shoulder. He opened the door with a push of a button, and exited the room.

Yami blinked, eye twitching. He then started rubbing his hair, trying to put it back the way it had been when he had left his housing complex. Meanwhile, Bakura remained where he was, glaring, grumbling something about needing a wet rag, and trying to ignore Mariku, who was wrapped around his leg tightly, nuzzling his knee. The prince blinked back at him, bloody red eyes thoughtful. I believe we can pull it off. But Mariku just gripped tighter, whining against the leg.

Buckles peppered along the boots and shirt, giving them a unique look. Bakura and Mariku were wearing much of the same thing, only Bakura's shirt looked more And without the buckles.

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He hated buckles. They were 'too damn hard' to UNbuckle. But this was only because he had little to no patience, so he tended to tear them in half before getting them off, claiming the poor deceased thing started it. Mariku's had complex-looking zippers in place of the buckles. How he ever figured those out was beyond the other two, but some things were just best left unasked. Baku-Baku being mean! Bakura froze, muscles locked in awkward positions, and his left eye twitched up.

Yami wearily backed up, intending to get away from the soon-to-be fight scene. Ebooks and Manuals

Sighing and raking a hand through his hair, Yami shook his head, walking over to the small table, picking up the little earpiece. Mariku and Bakura blinked over at him, latched around each other, nails dug into flesh and tearing at clothes and hair.

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Silently, they both let go of the other, standing up on their feet, slowly, a blank look on each of their faces though Mariku looked more excited than anything else. Bakura started walking forward, holding tight to Mariku's wrist and pulling him along like a child. Finally stopping in front of the table, next to Yami and hauling the blonde up beside them , he reached out a pale hand, and took two of the small electronics as well, lifting it up, and hooking one into his ear, and the other on his throat, under his chin, Yami doing the same.

He looked over to tell Mariku to do what they were doing, when he saw the tanned male grinning at him, the chips already set up on his body. That was odd. But who am I to judge? Yami gave a solemn nod, tilting his head towards the machine next to them. It did, indeed, resemble an elevator, only Closing his eyes, and giving a final sigh, he stepped forward, only stopping when he was inside, moving aside to make room for the other two.

He watched them both silently through his slanted eyes, still gazing when all three were fully inside the contraption. The pale and dark skinned Althasian stared back at him, Bakura nodding once, and Mariku looking strangely calm and serious. Yami glared at him, kicking him slightly in the leg. The white-haired male growled and glowered at the shorter one, as if he were about to rip him apart. The prince only scoffed; "Behave," he chided, as if reprimanding a child.

The pale one just pouted and looked away. The spiky-haired male slowly reached out a hand, seeming somewhat reluctant. He heaved a sigh, and was about to flip the switch that would turn on the machine. And he would have, had a tanned hand not stopped him. Yami looked up, seeing two cloudy, violet eyes staring back at him. The paler one blinked, then blinked again.

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The taller male just kept the stony expression, not moving in anyway, still grasping the shorter's hand. Both Yami and Bakura almost fell over at the request. The blonde nodded curtly before pushing the smaller male out of the way, grinning insanely and flicking the switch up, turning on the power. Next, he pulled open a small box, with a keypad in it.